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Drs. Steve Tirabasso and  Emmanuel Giovanis are board-certified, licensed Chiropractors serving the St. Charles and Chicagoland community.

Dr. Tirabasso and Dr. Giovanis have been freeing people from pain for the past 18 years.. As Chiropractors with experience, Dr. Tirabasso and Dr. Giovanis are committed to promoting optimal health and well being of their patients.

Drs. Tirabasso and Giovanis use a "whole person approach". This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. Using this unique approach the doctors are able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

A little bit more about the doctors.....

Dr. Steven Tirabasso was born and raised in Villa Park, Illinois and has 6 brothers and sisters.  He grew up playing baseball and golf and has a passion for fishing and the great outdoors.  Dr. Tirabasso is currently married to Andria, have two daughters and currently reside in Elgin.

Dr. Tirabasso graduated Addison Trail H.S. in 1994 and Elmhurst College in 1998 with honors.  He attended the University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2002.  Dr. Tirabasso completed post-graduate work and is certified in Acupuncture, the Graston Technique, Kinesiotaping, and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  

He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and Illinois Chiropractic Society since 2002.

Dr. Tirabasso has been a board certified Chiropractic physician since 2002.

Dr. Tirabasso prides himself on being an optimistic person who values the effect that smiling and laughter as much as possible has on a person's overall health. 

Dr. Emmanuel A. Giovanis  is a board certified chiropractic physician with 20 years experience.  Dr. Giovanis has been in Illinois for over 20 years.  Both his parents were born in Greece which have allowed him to become fluent in  the Greek language.  Dr. Giovanis enjoys a very active lifestyle and is an avid golfer, runner, weight lifter, and many active sports activities.

Dr. Giovanis is a graduate of The University Of Dayton in 1997 where he received his B.S degree and  concentrated his studies in premedical sciences.  He went on to graduate with  honors from the National  University of Health Sciences, in Lombard IL, where he received his Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic in 2002.  Dr. Giovanis specializes in sports orthopedics, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, and neurology, which gives him the expertise in treatment all regions of the body.  His post graduate work has certified him in: ARP WAVE Neurological Therapy,  Physical Therapy/Modalities, Acupuncture, Graston Soft tissue Techniques, ART, SOT(Sacral Occipital Technique),  Kinesiotaping, Customize Foot orthotic specialist,  and Golf  Injury Diagnostic/Fitness Specialization.  Dr. Giovanis practices based on treating each patient as an individual. He provides a complete and comprehensive examination to ensure professional treatment and provide the best quality healthcare. 

Dr. Giovanis is a member and affiliate of the American Chiropractic Association,  Illinois Chiropractic Association, and  Certified by the Department of Professional  Regulations

Dr. Julie Tapio Giovanis is a native of Deerfield,  IL and a mother of 3 girls. She currently practices out of our Chicago office.   She has been in practice for over 20 years and specialized in family practice, pediatrics, and sports therapy.  She graduated with honors from the National University of Health Sciences where she received her Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic in 2002.  She is highly trained in all treatment modalities including: physical medicine/modalities,SOT,  kinesiotaping, ART, Graston Technique, Infrared Light, Myofascial Release as well as many others.  She also specializes in female health and pediatrics in hopes of a more natural approach to health.  She works with patients primary care physicians to ensure all her patients are given the best health care with the best long term outcomes.  

Dr. Tapio is an affiliate of the American Chiropractic Association,  Illinois Chiropractic Association, and  Certified by the Department of Professional  Regulations.


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